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"...at dawn a black cloud came from the horizon; thunderous with wrath. The seven judges of hell raised their torches, lighting the land with their livid flame. The earth cried despair to the heavens as daylight turned to darkness and the land was shattered like glass. For six days and six nights the tempest raged and gathered fury, and poured over the people like the tides of war. All sense and hope was lost, and the gods cowered in heaven..."

2400 BC is a hack of Jason Tocci's 24XX about rebuilding community in the aftermath of an environmental catastrophe, thousands of years in the past.

It was inspired by Mesopotamian myth, particularly the Epic of Gilgamesh.

CategoryPhysical game
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GenreRole Playing
Tags24xx, ancient, Fantasy, Post-apocalyptic, Tabletop role-playing game


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Nice micro game. I suggest (if you can cut some space for it...) to implement the concept of "stepping down" the Die (like Cortex do). It's good that if you have a skill at d6, you roll a d4 instead, when you are "hindered by hunger, injury, sickness, or circumstance". But what if you have a skill at d8 or d10? Are they "destroyed" to a humble d4 too?

This is why I suggest the "Step down" rule, briefly explaining that, when you are "hindered by hunger, injury, sickness, or circumstance", you reduce your Die to the one under it, so if you have a d10, you ned to roll a d8. Or, if you have a d8, you'll roll a d6. And, obviously, if you just have a d6, you step down to the measly d4.


Good idea! This game is a hack of 24XX (and 2400) by Jason Tocci so it uses the same mechanics as that for compatibility and simplicity.

But I think in play, depending on the situation, I’d be happy to let dice ‘step down’ instead of going all the way down to d4.

We should suggest it to Jason too 🙂

I just finally looked this over. Now it's high on my want-to-play list. Really well done.

Thanks Tibbius, I’m glad you enjoyed reading it and I really hope you get a chance to play it!

I love how in the other 24XX games, a knife is the example of a microtransaction, not important item. But here in 2400 BC, a knife is an important item. It's the smartphone of the game!

The storytelling that happens in the character generation is super unique too, love it.

Thanks! Storytelling in character creation is my thing right now. If you like it you might also like Our Odyssey.