A downloadable hack

A casual hack of Troika! with dice pools and less maths.

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
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Tagsfkr, Troika, Tabletop role-playing game


Pulka.pdf 46 kB
Pulka A4.pdf 44 kB
Pulka Pocket Mod.pdf 45 kB
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I keep coming back to Pulka! more and more⁠—it really seems like the perfect hack for onboarding players new to ttrpgs! It has access to that huge breadth of Troika! fluff and supplements⁠—perfect for hooking new players⁠—but it does some fun and smart stuff with Troika!'s opaque rules. Anyway, love this, and I'm inspired to use it for exactly that purpose. Question: what use license does Pulka! have, in particular regarding hacking it (like, a Powered by Pulka! kinda thing)?


I’ve never given it thought haha but CC-BY-4.0 would do the trick I think! I’ll update it at some point to add that. I provided Sage a little logo for Discordantopia and would happily upload same here for anyone to use.

That's great, thanks Oz! The creative gears in my head are already turning 🙌


And thanks for the kind words! It was written very much with that prospect, introduction of new players, in mind.

So when the rules say roll for a background, that means in another list from another game? (Like, say, in the Troika! book?) Just making sure I'm not missing something obvious!

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Yeah, Pulka! assumes you’re running Troika!, be that just the main book, or alongside one of the numerous other ‘spheres’.

BUT the way it’s written all you need is a character background and skills with numbers on them. So you can run it ‘as is’ pretty easily.

Nice! Thanks for answering my question!